We are a company with a tradition of metal machining. Our beginnings date back to 2009 when we started with turning and milling of metal and non-metallic parts for the needs of general construction machinery, automotive and recycling industries.

Cutting, turning and milling

We offer cutting, turning and milling services in smaller or larger series. Employees with many years of experience with professional and responsible work assure continuous quality, and with our experience we can also offer support in product development. An essential competitive advantage over competition is the fact that the company is capable of producing highly demanding products in smaller batches according to the specific requirements of customers in a very short time, which is today essential on the market.


Part of our production includes pressurized machine blasting with various abrasives and manual blasting with dry ice. There are several blasting techniques, we choose the one that is best in terms of cleaning requirements and the environment where the cleaning needs to be done. By blasting, we obtain a clean surface, restore the surface, and prepare the surface for further processing.


With centerless grinding machines, we sand the bar material between fi 50 and 100 mm in length up to 2000 mm with the emphasis on surface cleaning.


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